I am a bowerbird – I don’t collect brightly coloured objects but I do collect books (discarded or otherwise), old newspapers, factoids, minutiae, whatever. I keep a notebook and a scrapbook, and am always scribbling down facts and random bits of wisdom found (and thrash too).

I am a guzzler of books (if we don't have a term for that, let's coin one, or should it be booknivore?), which means I read voraciously – seven or eight books at any one time, hopping from one chapter to another, and skipping many pages in-between.

I am a self-inflicted insomniac (well, kind-of). I could have been a perfect taxi driver or a morgue-keeper. But I chose to be a researcher, book editor, journalist, farmer, traveler, and I once led a media conglomerate.

I am a reader first, a writer second.

And I will continue to read and write.

I have been writing simple stuff and difficult ones as well (difficult? Let’s say, serious scholarly materials, some of which are published in obscure journals and magazines that are less read). I want to share with you some of these materials – stuff that few would enjoy or like, and even fewer will finish reading.  

But as they say, the quality of a piece of writing is inversely proportional to the number of people reading it… so it must be really heavy stuff.

I want to share these writings, some in English, others in Bahasa Malaysia… trusting that you will stay with me and endure the torture.


  1. Congratulation Dato' for having a blog. Wish you all the best & success always. Keep on writing.

  2. i love you. your writings, your ideas...attitude :) learned a lot

  3. Always enjoyed your insights Datuk, keep it coming!

  4. Good to know now you have a blog Dato'. Hope you can publish your opinion on issues and current affairs you wrote elsewhere to be debated here..

  5. Dato'
    Saya lebih tertarik kepada penulisan Dato' jika sekiranya ia didalam BM.
    Gaya penulisan Dato' tersendiri (unique) dan mudah diikuti.
    Namun saya tetap akan mengikuti penulisan Dato' walaupun dalam BI.

  6. YBhg Tan Sri are indeed a champ when it comes to weaving excellent writing, either in English or BM, almost effortlessly. Not many can lay claim to that.I look forward to reading more wonderful stuff from you, Tan Sri Bowerbird!